Monday, October 24, 2016

Diet ... What and why we should eat?

One has to understand.. food is bad or junk, its quantity out of proportion to need and capacity of an individual or a Child is bad or junk or harmful for that individual or child.
2. Food is not a medicine. Please don't eat food as a medicine. The prime need of Good food is that it should give enough calories to sustain life developing progressively healthy. 70% of food should be calories for a child unless child is obese.
And this should be decisive factor and not the 2% need of minerals or vitamins, running for minerals and vitamins alone should not cause diet

imbalance of major components out of proportion and capacity.
3. Taste and choice of food should also be a decisive factor in deciding type of diet to have a good quality of life and not alone good quality of food.
4. One should take utmost care that health should not be affected adversely by any of the above. If you feel it does/may do,
a preventive supplementation, reduction, .modification or fortification of diet or medicine or life style should be in process.
As we buy food for major components of diet... Catering the calories and appetite, if need arises one should not hesitate to buy micronutrient supplements after a medical consultation.

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