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sir please give me a suitable and correct diet chart for a boy of six years of age , which can meet all his body requirement to grow nicley .

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it all depend on child's growth velocity, weight and current diet so i can suggest further.

read below

formulate the diet with 2-3 snacks per day with 2 major meals. so if 6 year old has to take 1700 calories per day, each snack can amount to say 250 calories and each major meal upto 500 calorie.

snack= 250 calorie, 100 calorie from liquids that is say 150 ml milk, 200ml juice or soup

150 calorie from snacks per say for example 3 breads or 3 biscuits, or 2 breads with butter or jam etc

for a meal : appx 500 cal per meal. so appx 2 rotis with ghee for 200 calories, 1 wati rice with dal, appx 150 calories, sweets or fruits upto 100 cal, 50 calorie from the sweet dish/top up ghee etc

this is just a trial example, you shouLd device youR own diet items depending on what is cooked at home, so that food will be given as food and not as medicine.

If the child has any condition with reduced or increased needs for calorie or proteins, all needs to be adjusted accordingly.

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