Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dietitians or doctors

Suppose a person visit a Dietitian for deficiency or the excess of component A B C D or E or all of them, with or without disease. The felt feeling of such deficiency is by rough reading and incomplete knowledge about the problem. Dietitian advice's his or her best; and if there is no relief; the person or patient has to visit a Dr who can understand the reasons or disease processes underlying the deficiency or the excess and also the Dr can manage it. A Dr who can't pick this will surelybe worse than a dietitian. But it will be surely unwise to stick only to dietitian to solve the health issue or to stick only to a Dr to solve the diet issue. Badly managed diet issues invite medical management. Diet is always supportive to health and it cannot claim that all health issues are always related to diet. Moral of the story is; when there is any health issue: a Dr needs to b consulted first and then if needed a dietitian can be pulled in. If there is non health diet issue; one may approach a dietitian: but if no response or change in a month should make dietitian to refer to a Dr to assess underlying health related issues. Dr Kondekar

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